How much does a cup of coffee cost

  1. Aeropress – Starbucks Columbia coffee – $.41/10 oz. mug
  2. Cold Brew – Starbucks Kenya coffee – $.58/tall glass with ice
  3. Nespresso – coffee – $1.10
  4. Nespresso – cappuccino (2 espresso capsules for a 10 oz. mug) – $1.95 including milk
  5. Starbucks retail – $2.75 for a Grande coffee
  6. Starbucks retail – $3.65 for a Grande Caffe Latte
  7. Dunkin’ Donuts retail – $2.45 for a Large coffee

If I had to rate them by taste, the Nespresso coffee and cappuccino is better than any hot coffee I can buy at retail, or make myself in the Aeropress. I still use the Aeropress because it makes good coffee and it’s so much more affordable than Nespresso. I usually won’t make more than one cup of Nespresso a day.

I don’t buy cold brew at a retail store because it’s so easy and so good, made at home with Starbucks’ Kenya beans. If you haven’t tried making cold brew you should give it a shot. You need a few pieces of equipment – 2 jars, filter cone, filter. A scale is handy as well.

  1. Buy Kenya beans at a Starbucks retail store. Have them grind it course, French Press grind.
  2. Pour 2.5oz. coffee grinds into a jar. Pour 2lb. 5oz. of water (about 4 cups) over the grounds, slowly to saturate them.
  3. Cover the jar and store in the fridge for 24 hours.
  4. Strain the coffee into the second jar, by pouring through a paper filter. The larger the filter the easier the process will be. I use a Melita #6 plastic cone and paper filter.

Really, really good.


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