Ring Video Doorbell – a positive review for a change

I have written several critical reviews of the Ring Video Doorbell, particularly regarding the motion sensor, which detects motion far away regardless of the settings I choose on the app. Having the device save hundreds of videos of trucks going by 50 feet from my house was an annoyance, so I discontinued the $30 cloud video service, and just use the doorbell as a video doorbell/intercom.

Since I don’t capture video in the cloud, and I have the motion sensor alert turned off, the device effectively functions as if it has no motion sensor. And it works just fine. By limiting the device to it’s strengths I am very happy with it.

I still wouldn’t consider it a security device, but as a video intercom that is functional from home or away from home, it works great. I can see my callers, talk to them over the device and send them away if I choose, whether I am at work, in the car or at home.

I have the original version of the doorbell, not the new one and not the Pro. Based on reviews, I hear the Pro has a superior motion sensor that might solve the problems I had with my version. However, the Pro needs more power than a typical doorbell, so I might need to replace the transformer in the wall (assuming I can find it).

For now I am happy with the doorbell as it is.

Lately when delivery people ring the bell, they often ask “are you home” when I respond. I suppose these devices are becoming commonplace. For $200, if you think of it as a superior way to answer callers at your door, it’s probably worth it.


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