Perfect Brisket in an Instant Pot

I made a recipe from Chef John in the Instant Pot. The link to his recipe is below.

It’s very simple. Just saute some onions in butter or olive oil, add apple juice and some herbs and reduce. Chef John used fresh rosemary but I substituted 1/2 teaspoon of dry thyme. I placed the brisket on the tray in the Instant Pot, poured the onions and apple juice over it, added 1 cup of water, and pressure cooked it on high for 90 minutes. I let the pressure reduce naturally.

Chef John used a complicated cooking method that required nearly 4 hours and two different cooking temperatures. But there isn’t any need for all that if you use the Instant Pot.

The brisket cooked perfectly. I removed it from the instant pot and placed it on a plate covered in foil to rest. The finished dish doesn’t taste of apple juice. I guess the juice just adds sweetness.

To make the gravy: Remove the tray from the Instant Pot and turn on the Saute mode. You can also remove the liquid to a wider pan and saute on the stove, which will be quicker. Reduce the liquid and onions to get rid of the extra water you added and thicken the juices into a gravy. Then blend the gravy with an immersion blender, or use as is.

We made the brisket with mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, and covered both the brisket and the potatoes with the gravy.

Absolutely fantastic.

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